We create life-changing group travel adventures. Here’s how we do it.

Authentic Insider Experiences

Earthbounders enjoy one-of-a-kind intimate experiences with local experts; that’s our specialty. Our deep knowledge and personal connections around the world allow us to create the enriching itinerary you’re yearning for; whether it’s a private piano recital in Franz Liszt’s home or making empanadas with an Argentine chef, we help transform every journey into a trip of a lifetime.

Location, Location, Location

You’ll travel in style, staying in the heart of grand capitals or quaint villages. You may sleep in family-owned castles or 14th century abbeys and palaces-turned hotels. Our grading system of the “4 C’s” (character, comfort, cleanliness and charm) along with modern amenities and helpful staff help ensure your comfort. Most importantly, you’ll leave taxis and buses behind–walk out your door and start exploring!

Perfect Timing

Carefully crafted itineraries offer you the best of a destination without long bus rides or being rushed. You’ll have more time for discovering hidden back alleyways, cozy cafes and world class museums. And remember, this is your vacation, so if you want to spend more (or less) time somewhere, you’re free to do so. Just let your guide know, and make sure you have your hotel name and address and are comfortable using public transportation to return to the hotel.

Intimate Dining: The Full Flavor

Our goal is to dine with locals in charming cafes, local trattorias and quaint bistros whenever possible. Because food is such an integral part of many cultures, we like to allow plenty of time to dine, following local custom. Weather-permitting, we also love to organize picnics so you can savor as many regional specialties as possible. The group meals tend to be hearty, so feel free to skip a course (or two) if you please.

No Hidden Costs

All admissions and special events listed in your Earthbound Expeditions itinerary are included. Gratuities for all of your guides, drivers and local experts are also included with few exceptions. We will give a group tip to bar and restaurant staff when dining together and musicians who play for us and sometimes we will even pay the restroom attendant fee for the entire group. That’s a super special occasion, though.  (There are a couple of instances in which we cannot tip for you, mostly due to no guaranteed way to get the tip to the right person). Never hesitate to ask your guide if a group tip is being made on your behalf if you’re unsure.

Superb Expedition Leaders

Guides, tour leaders, call them what you want - they all bring unique insights to the local culture. They will help intensify the focus (if your trip has a theme) and help broaden your perspective, no matter where you’ve chosen to visit.. These folks are not only remarkable historians, naturalists and linguists, but as our happy alumni can testify, they are also fun and fabulous travel companions. They are gifted at creating and curating the experiences that make our journeys memorable and extraordinary. Oh, and when you’re on a bus, be sure and ask them what that crop is in the field you’re driving past. They love that.

No Phone Trees

Although we love and appreciate nature, there’s one tree we can’t stand: the phone tree. Our guests agree and LOVE that we don’t have one. Sadly, we must close at night, on the weekends and sometimes, a few teensy extra days for holidays. We just want to try and emulate our European colleagues, you know, out of respect. So if you get the voicemail message (with a real voice, by the way), it’s because all the lines are busy. Or we’re closed. Or we left early on a Friday for Happy Hour. Oops, did I just write that? I meant a “staff meeting.”


Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.

Through Earthbound’s proud partnership with the Carbonfund.org, Travelers are actively reducing their carbon footprint and helping to ensure that the planet’s many wonders are preserved for future generations. The Carbonfund.org motto, “Reduce what you can; offset what you can’t” fits perfectly with Earthbound Expeditions’ long established philosophy of supporting locally-owned businesses, promoting education and embracing the concept of “slow” travel. By using a simple carbon calculator, the Carbonfund is  able to determine the size of your carbon footprint for any specific trip. The traveler  may then purchase carbon credits. These credits go towards supporting (1) renewable energy, (2) energy efficiency and (3) reforestation projects. Learn more CarbonFund.org


Keeping it a Win-Win

At Earthbound Expeditions we believe that travel is more than a race to check off sites and monuments. And when done right, travel is perhaps the very best way to learn about different cultures and people. Travel is often a life-changing experience and when you join Earthbound Expeditions you can be confident that you are supporting local businesses, workers, schools and at times entire villages. To accomplish this, on journeys to needy destinations, Earthbounders are offered the opportunity to visit schools, neighborhood projects or co-op centers where they can visit with local children and adults and donate and deliver much needed school supplies, uniforms or other necessities. There is no better way to “rub elbows with the locals” while contributing in a meaningful way to a community you’re visiting.