Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be fun if we all went to (fill in the blank)?”

Then you start delving into booking the flights, reserving the hotels, collecting the money, hiring buses, organizing meals and sightseeing and, oh boy, what about insurance? Why not make your vacation an actual vacation for everyone? We remove the burden of all of the above, plus throw in some extras to further enrich your experience! See below for just a few examples of groups we’ve handled over the last 20 years…


Wine & Food
Whether it’s traveling around Cuba with KNKX Jazz lovers, or tasting your way through Provence with PCC Chef Lynne Vea, we know how to create delicious journeys for the adventurous palate. Dinner Party Download hosts from Minnesota Public Radio had a ball in Havana this past fall! We organize cooking classes, wine, cheese and olive oil tastings, herb farm visits, and deeply encourage strolling through the produce markets wherever you are. Station hosts, wine connoisseurs or beloved chefs can join their fans in a very palatable exploration anywhere in the world.


Public Radio & Television

Public radio & television fans have many things in common, so we had the idea of gathering all these like-minded folk to travel with each other and revel in their interests together. Ok, so we’re going to name drop a little here, but just want to give you some ideas; See an opera in Italy with fans from your home town and your favorite opera host or discuss South American literature in Buenos Aires (both Minnesota Public Radio trips). Perhaps attending the Havana Jazz Festival is more your kinda fun (Capital Public Radio) or the Hampton Court Flower Show would attract gardening fans (Wisconsin Public Radio). These hand-crafted educational journeys put the fun in Fund drive and generate more excitement (TELL ME MORE), can be used as staff incentive or to reward donors…you decide. But most importantly, they create connection and community between you and your listeners or viewers.


Jazz & Classical

You’d be surprised just how many jazz festivals there are around the world: Guinness Jazz Festival in Ireland, Montlouis-sur-Loire in France, Cape Town jazz fest in South Africa and the list goes on and on. We’ve partnered with many different jazz stations to plan a trip around these fun events. Even if there is no festival, our contacts can create an itinerary and make the whole trip one big jazz festival! Opera and Classical Music fans, fear not! Same goes: from the Puccini Festival in Italy to a festive holiday music and market tour in Austria and the Czech Republic, there are perhaps too many fabulous choices to make for your dedicated listeners.


Alumni & Private Groups
When the DiDonatos approached us with 20 Italian-American cousins to organize a tour to visit the village and region of their grandfathers, we said “Si, certo!” We’ve taken vintage car collectors to Cuba and Italy, donors and alumni of CSU to Spain, and veterans of World War II back to the Italian front, just to name a few. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book club or a group of painters, if you need someone to remove the planning burden, we are here.


Museum Travel Clubs
When the Pacific Science center was displaying the Dead Sea Scrolls, they thought it might be cool to visit Israel and see where they came from (were dug up?). Or remember when the Picasso Museum in Paris closed and his drawings and paintings went on a world tour? Well the deYoung in San Francisco (along with the Seattle Art Museum) took fans on our trip to “In Pursuit of Picasso,” from Barcelona to Provence. Can you imagine how inspiring and wonderful it is to visit and learn with a group of people who are dedicated to and passionate about the arts? Magic.


Garden & Nature
There are so many places on this beautiful planet, it’s hard to narrow it down, but that’s just what they do, our beloved return gardeners. Be they nature lovers, horticulturists, botanists or environmentalists (or all of the above), they make those difficult choices with us every year. The Georgia Gardener Walter Reeves, Dan Hinkley, the “Indiana Jones” of the plant world, Garden America hosts, UT professor Dr. Andy Pulte, and the Northwest Horticultural Society are just a few of the nature-lovers who have traveled with us to Costa Rica, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, France…and the list goes on!

Don’t see your type of organization on the list? Create a new one! We are always open to new ideas from Lovers of Lighthouses to Vintage Car Fanatics. We take your ideas and run with them (alongside you)!

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