It’s been more than 20 years ago that Danna and I first conceived of the idea of Earthbound Expeditions
(I KNOW! Can you believe it?). Early on in our careers as tour guides, we shared a passion—and a lot of strong opinions—about the art of the travel experience. We promptly formed a mutual admiration society, got married, and started a big adventure, which was NOT a tour company. We wanted to offer in-depth trips to people who are culturally curious, globally optimistic and just plain fun to travel with. We wanted to create journeys not for tourists, but for travelers.

That’s why our group itineraries reflect our personal travel style: often spending three or more nights in one place, enjoying guided walks and lectures with local experts in order to gain understanding about the place you’re visiting, then allowing free time to joyfully wander and linger and ideally, immerse yourself more fully in the place. We prefer dining in restaurants filled with locals and finding points of interest where tourism isn’t necessarily driving the economy.  Our hotels are often independent or family-owned and deliver charm, amenities, and are conveniently located to allow independent discovery.


For these last 20 years, we and our guests have swum with the seals in the Galapagos, sipped fine Malbecs in Argentine vineyards, made pasta in a 12th century Tuscan castle and attended world-class performances in stunning concert halls. We are honored to be partnered with the top U.S. public radio stations and delight in helping them customize amazing adventures for their listeners and supporters to forge deeper bonds to each other and their shared values.

We encourage rubbing elbows with the locals: getting to know a local cheese monger as we sample his wares, chatting with the trio of musicians who play after dinner on our river ship, inviting the Cuban salsa dance instructors to join all of us at dinner, resulting in a totally spontaneous (and awesome) dance party! It’s often the people you meet on the trips that create the biggest memories and also makes the planet feel a little smaller.


Our community of guides, experts, guests, and friends all over the world prompt us every day to consider ourselves the luckiest people on the planet and inspire us to craft travel experiences that bring our wonderful guests back again and again.

After all these years, our mission remains constant: to bring people together and to experience the heart-bursting beauty of our planet in a truly enriching way. This is precisely what travel is all about for us. Earthbound Expeditions is dedicated to the art of travel and will stop at nothing (except for the occasional eruption of Mt. Etna) to ensure your journey with us is a memorable one.

We look forward to discovering the world with you!