Tyson Verse

Tyson is a Seattle-based tour manager with a passion for all places. He has led groups through 100 countries including an adventure in Egypt during the start of the Arab Spring, so there is no longer any such thing as a challenge too big. Tyson’s former home was Alaska where he worked in Glacier Bay National Park, enjoyed shipboard life as a small-ship hotel manager, and also worked with Native groups to develop tourism careers and opportunities. Earthbound-wise, Tyson is one of those guides we can send anywhere and say “Make it so.” And he does! He is a Master Communicator, the King of Organization and Court Jester, all rolled into one. Doesn’t matter which country we send him to, which group, on a ship, on a plane, on a train, doesn’t matter. Maybe we should try a hot air balloon? Hmmm, something to consider.

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